Issue #1, November 14, 2018: London Calling

November 20, 2018


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November 14, 2018

Issue #1


Thank You so much for joining us! We are very much looking forward to engaging with you as we move forward with AT3 Connections! It’s an exciting time for us to finally bring this all together and bridge a gap between event organizers and event suppliers in the tech industry. 


Each newsletter will have a theme, either focusing on a particular part of the events industry or on a city. This week we visit London to learn more about what is happening in the London scene as it relates to tech conferences and events. 


We just got back from the Event Tech Live conference in London, having met countless peers and a great number of amazing event tech companies and seeing takes on older technology, as well as some new technology to add value to events. If you’ve not been to this particular conference, be sure to take a look and make plans for next year! It’s a free event and the value is well worth your time. 


In two weeks time, we are headed to IBTM World in Barcelona to further network and discover more event suppliers from around the world. Keep an eye out for our first December newsletter to hear all about it!


AT3 Connections was created with you in mind, so we highly encourage and welcome your input and feedback. If you would like to hear more about a particular subject, would like to see a regular feature in the newsletter, or have a suggestion or question, please do reach out to us at


Thank you again for being here with us! We look forward to the journey ahead.


Warm Wishes & Happy Planning!







When we started compiling conference dates on our site back in 2016, the amount of listings for London ranked among the highest. From devops to AI and mobile to marketing conferences, there is never a loss of events available. And outside the conference itself, there’s plenty to keep attendees busy, whether its a historical walking tour, museums, taking in a show, or enjoying the fine and varied dining experiences London has on offer. 


According to Lonely Planet, London is one of the most visited cities in the world and it truly does have something for everyone. So it’s no surprise that the tech scene has boomed in recent years and continues to steadily grow. The Silicon Roundabout, comprised of Shoreditch, Hoxton, and Old Street, is Europe’s version of Silicon Valley. "Take a walk around Old Street Roundabout today and the energy is palpable. With trendy pubs and cafes, vibrant art galleries, and jaw-dropping graffiti, it exudes style, and inspires creativity. Today, Tech City is a playground for innovators of all types, from artists to entrepreneurs. And it is home to tech giants and startups of all kinds." (Full steam ahead: A look into London’s tech scene)


London is also very accessible by plane and train. The Eurostar makes it easy to get to London quickly without the hassle of airports, with routes from Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels. I travel from Brussels regularly and won’t travel any other way now. 


One of the challenges for event organizers outside of London is choosing a venue. There are so many to choose from. And that goes for suppliers as well. Catering, photographers, AV, team-building...all things that enhance the conference experience. That’s also one of the positives about this great city - having so many options. We hope to help clarify that process and make it easier when you’re planning from afar. 


On this last trip, I picked up a copy of the London Planner, that was extremely helpful in planning my time outside of the conference I attended. It’s a great guide for dining, visiting the different areas of London, getting around on The Tube, and shopping. I’d like to leave you with a snapshot of their London In Numbers feature from this month’s issue with a few tidbits about London. Thank you London Planner!




Source: November 2018 London Planner



Photo courtesy of The Brewery


In East London lies a beautiful venue with an interesting and rich history dating back to 1750. Once the site of the former Whitbread Brewery, The Brewery now provides a versatile setting for the perfect modern event. I was able to tour The Brewery on my recent trip to London and was delighted and impressed by the space overall. 


From the time I arrived at The Brewery, I was welcomed by a smartly dressed man in a black overcoat, impressive black bowler hat, and an equally impressive warm smile who escorted me to the front desk to check in for my meeting. Upon check-in I was directed to a well arranged waiting room and offered tea or coffee while I waited for Masha Boh, the Business Development Manager I had met two days earlier at Event Tech Live. ​​


Masha was kind enough to give me the grand tour of the property, guiding me through the

 many rooms that waited, while setup for a large event took place. And impressive it was! As an event organizer myself, just being in the venue incited the creativity of what I could do with that space. The venue was being prepared for an awards dinner later that night, with round tables beautifully draped in black linens, china and silver carefully placed, and bottles of wine ready to be opened. The black Chiavari chairs completed the look that was complete elegance for a guest list of about 250.  ​​


Each room showed its own personality as we visited each one. Some with high ceilings and ​​wooden beams and others with a more intimate feel. But they all hinted to the past history of the brewery that flourished in years gone by, such as the catwalk in The Smeaton Room that would have overlooked the beer that filled that room (when it wasn't a room, of course).


There’s even a theater, The Cutting Room, for ​​special viewings with the intimate Sample Room next door for drinks, networking or any creative idea to use that amazing space. 


I was impressed by the care to small details that I saw along the way, such as the arrangement of these coffee cups and the creative signs on the toilet doors.​​


To make the venue even more appealing, there is a hotel right next door that feels a part of

The Brewery itself - The Montcalm at The Brewery - so having a semi-residential conference would be quite possible.


​As my tour wrapped up, I couldn’t help but think of the clients I have whose conferences would be well suited to this venue. I was quite excited actually to recommend The Brewery for future conference dates!


So if you’re in the market for a conference or event venue, take a look at The Brewery. Their website gives an excellent view of the overall layout of the property with an interactive 3D map, individual layouts, and a variety of setup options with just a click of your mouse, along with photos of the venue, of course.  Be sure to reach out to Masha and tell her that Tammy sent you! 




Do you remember when the silent disco was introduced back in 2008? It was the cool, but odd and quirky way to gather with friends and each of you enjoy your own style of music together in one venue. Show up, grab a pair of headphones, tune in to the channel of your choosing, and dance the night away! From the outside, it looked a bit odd, but it caught on and became a thing. Today, we can attend conferences with that same technology!  At the Event Tech Live conference, that’s exactly what they did. The venue, The Old Truman Brewery, is a wide open space and basically a blank canvas for the event organizers creativity to run wild. But those wide open spaces also present a challenge when scheduling multiple speaking tracks and exhibitor spaces nearby. That’s where the silent conference technology comes in and the results were effective.


Two of the exhibitors at Event Tech Live provided the silent conference experience for attendees: Silent Seminars and Silent Conference. The setup was such that stages were scattered throughout the venue, mixed in with exhibitor spaces nearby. That provided a consistent flow of traffic throughout the venue and background chatter. The use of the headphones for each stage was brilliantly done. Each chair had a pair of headphones draped on the back so the audience could listen to the speaker while blocking out the surrounding area noise. The speaker could still be heard without the headphones, but it was much more effective using them, allowing the audience to focus on only the talk being given. I must say, the mere act of putting the headphones on pulled me into the session in a way that just having a seat wouldn't. 


I’ve used silent conference technology in past events to host simultaneous tracks in one room, divided into sections, of course. In one case, the client had a smaller budget that didn’t allow for a larger venue or one with multiple breakout rooms, so we found using the silent conference experience solved that problem and stayed within budget.


Another advantage is the ability to add translation services via the headphones. Tech conferences are attended by people from around the world and while English is the common language spoken, it’s such a welcoming gesture to stream sessions in multiple languages, allowing attendees to fully experience talks in their native language. 


It’s easy enough to get creative with the use of silent conference technology, so seek out your local supplier, and in the UK, Silent Seminars and Silent Conference would be happy to help you. If you’ve not experienced this technology yet, you should definitely give it a shot and see how it might be used for your event. 


SWAG CORNER: Device Camera Covers

I​ received one of my favorite bits of swag at Event Tech Live last week from boomset, an event software solution. They kindly offered me not one, but two device camera covers, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a permanent solution to a common problem. I’m sure many of you, like me, have created a temporary solution to covering your laptop camera - post-it note folded strategically to cover the camera lens or a sticker of some sort placed over the camera, only to be left with that ​​​​adhesive haze. I’m happy to say that now I have this nifty little device that is permanently attached to my laptop, having a slider that allows me to open and close it as needed. And it looks so much better than a folded over post-it note! Well done boomset and Thank You so much!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us. We are so happy to have you as part of our growing community! Please feel free to share our newsletter with other event professionals. Until next time...Happy Planning! 

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