Giving Back

November 19, 2018

Community is important to us, so we look for opportunities to give back when we can.  Sometimes this means​​​​

 volunteering at a #techconference, #meetup or other event. Sometimes it means providing monetary support ​​when possible. Up until now, there's been no real structure to what we do within the community, but that has changed!



​​​​​​I am excited to announce that August 1st was a key date for us to step up our giving back activities within the community.  Our budget is limited, so we can only do so much, but it's all about baby steps right?  


​​So we are reaching out to you to help us find opportunities to give back to the tech community at large. There are no geographical boundaries, so it doesn't matter if you're in San Francisco, Brussels, or Kenya. I happen to be based n the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium, but travel quite a bit throughout Europe. 


There are some focus areas we want to support, however, that doesn't mean we are not open to other areas too. Our two main areas of focus are: Education in tech, particularly for children and under represented groups; and ​​Diversity. 


As mentioned, "our" budget is limited as I'm a one person show at the moment. I have others I partner with regularly, but for now, I manage the site and social media accounts. In the coming year, I hope to change that a bit, but the support from the community has been amazing!  All The Tech Things is my baby, but for all intents and purposes, I'll always refer to it as a collective because there is so much more to it than just me. I just happen to be the one who brings it all together. 


​​So that being said, please go to our Community page and submit a direct request or make a suggestion for any groups, organisations or even individuals who are in need of just that little extra bit of help. And remember we have Diversity Tickets and Volunteer pages as well, so if you offer #diversitytickets or have a #volunteer opportunity, we're happy to list it. If you're looking for a ticket or an opportunity to volunteer, take a look! 


If you're interested in partnering with us to help support the community, we're very open to that too! It's all about the world around us and finding ways to make a difference, no matter how small that might be! Baby steps!

 Warmest Wishes,


 Tammy K. Contreraz









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